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From equity research to private client portfolio management to serving as chief investment officer, my 30 years in financial services has given me a depth and breadth of experience. My longtime desire to provide comprehensive wealth planning to a limited number of clients led me to establish Narrow Gate Wealth Management in 2022.

Why Narrow Gate? Because we limit the number of clients for whom each advisor is responsible – our “gate” is truly “narrow.” This enables us to focus on strengthening existing client relationships rather than continually seeking to grow our client base.

My Path

Early in my career, I served as an investment officer in a family office, working with financially successful families whose primary goal was to protect their wealth. Aside from getting to know these clients and understanding their needs, what I enjoyed most was educating them about every aspect of their wealth plan.

For more than two decades, my love of teaching has stayed with me. I’m as passionate as ever about helping my clients make informed decisions to help them preserve and grow their wealth.

My Planning Approach

My team’s comprehensive approach to wealth management centers on creating long-term relationships across generations. I think it’s important for my clients and future generations to be part of conversations around preserving the wealth they’ve worked so hard to build.

Key to our planning process is uncovering your “why”—not just what your goals are, but why they matter. We do that by spending time with you, “listening between the lines” to fully understand your needs. Then, we’ll put your goals in writing, which not only helps you stay on track toward reaching them but also holds us accountable to you. Our mission is to help you put your wealth to work to both sustain and enrich your life.

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