Our Values

At Narrow Gate Wealth Management, we never lose focus on our values. They reflect who we are and underpin everything we do. Most importantly, they guide us in how we approach our business and our relationship with you.


First, we help you identify life events—like retiring, buying a vacation home, or funding a grandchild’s education. Then, we develop an action plan, so you are always financially prepared for your life’s events.



Working with you to prioritize your life events and financial goals, we help you succeed by documenting the required action steps and by assessing your progress along the way.


We have a desire to learn new things—which is particularly important when it comes to our relationship with you. The more we learn about you, the better we make the connections that lead to solutions and, ultimately, to your financial success.


Your needs go beyond the performance of your investments. By limiting the number of clients we work with, we take the time to “listen between the lines” to discover your intangible needs and to design a plan to meet them.

We believe in lifelong learning and seek to acquire the information we need to help you succeed. We also believe in thoroughly teaching you so you understand what we are doing on your behalf.

Your money is personal—which for most people means there is emotion tied to it. We bring objective insight to help guide you through emotional decisions, offer advice during the decision-making process, and provide additional resources to help you be better informed.