Meet the Team

Marcus Griffin

Marcus V. Griffin II, CFA


Nell Merkle

Helen P. Merkle (Nell)

Director of Client Service

Addtional Support

Narrow Gate Wealth Management is powered by Mariner Advisor Network. Mariner gives our team access to experienced tax, trust, estate planning, investment, retirement planning and insurance professionals. Mariner Advisor Network also provides Narrow Gate Wealth Management with technology, compliance, and operational support. This support frees our team to spend more time building long-term relationships with you and our other clients and spend less time on the day-to-day operations.

Financial Planning Team

Mark Harris

Mark Harris, CFA®

Wealth Advisor & Vice President of Strategy
Mariner Advisor Network

Ali Roth

Ali Roth, CFP®, CFA®

Wealth Advisor
Mariner Advisor Network

Chris Brown

Chris Brown, CFP®, CPWA®

Wealth Advisor
Mariner Advisor Network

Tax Team

Ryan Drake

Ryan Drake, CPA

Director, Tax Planning & Preparation
Mariner Wealth Advisors

Estate Planning Team

Scott Luhnau

Scott Luhnau, JD, CTFA®

Vice President, Multi-Generational Wealth Planning
Mariner Wealth Advisors

Mariner Advisor Network, Mariner Platform Solutions, and Mariner Wealth Advisors are affiliated.

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